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3rd Call:
“Contexts and opportunities for women’s entrepreneurship in rural areas”

The aim for the third version of this call is: to promote research that studies the dynamics, tensions, imaginaries, relationships, challenges, conflicts, and current possibilities in rural areas in relation to entrepreneurship led by or with the participation of women in Cauca and Valle del Cauca, Colombia.

How interested
individuals and groups can apply?

Proposals will be received through a web platform that applicants will be able to access from April 10, 2019, and where they will be able to submit their research proposal attaching the documentation required for participation.

To find out more about the application requirements, interested parties should consult the “Terms of Reference” document.

How many
projects will be selected?

Up to 9 research projects will be selected, consisting of:

Master’s dissertation projects.


Doctoral dissertation projects.


National or foreign research group research projects.

Any of the categories of the call may be declared void if the proposals submitted do not meet the quality standards established by Fundación WWB Colombia.

How much money
is there for this call?

For the Fund’s third call, we have


to finance 9 research projects, made up by:


Master’s degree projects (funding of COP $23’000.000 per project).


PhD Theses (funding up to COP $45’000.000 per project)


National or foreign research group research projects. (The amount funded per project is COP $100,000,000, equivalent to up to 80% of the total project amount. The remaining 20% must be covered by the executing agency as the counterpart.

Call dates

Master’s and doctoral researchers and research groups interested in applying for this call should observe the following schedule:

Proposal registration: April 10, 2019 to September 2, 2019

Publication of results: December 9, 2019

Registration for the call