In this section, you can clarify any doubts you may have about the Fundación WWB Colombia Fund for research and its second call.

FAQ’s 2018


About the scope of the funding

1.1 Which costs are covered by the Fund?

It covers the costs related to project fieldwork, including: costs of transport to the fieldwork site, living expenses, the costs related to the creation of prototypes, licenses for specialized software, equipment, and salaries, among others. For more information, please refer to the terms and conditions for the call.

1.2 Which costs are not covered?

Personal taxes, enrolment fees, expenditure incurred by the supervisor (including field visits), expenditure incurred before the beginning of the research funding contract, and publishing costs.

1.3 If a researcher is supported in the first fund, can s/he participate in subsequent calls?

Yes, but s/he must do so through a different modality.


About the funding and duration of the Fundación WWB Fund’s second call for research

2.1 What financial resources are available?

For the second call, we have $895,000,000 to fund 15 research projects, including 5 MA graduation projects, 4 doctoral theses, and 6 research projects designed by national or foreign research groups.

2.2 How long should the project last?

The maximum duration of the fieldwork for these projects is 1 year.

2.3 When will the call open?

The call will be open from the 13th of August 2018, until the 13th of November 2018.
The results will be published on the 22nd of April 2019


About the application

3.1. How can interested parties apply?

Proposals will be received through a web platform which can be accessed here. Interested individuals and groups can present their projects through the platform (students’ projects must be previously approved by the evaluation committee of the academic program at their university of origin, whereas Colombian and foreign research groups, must have their projects approved by the legal representative at the university from which the proposal is being sent.

For other requirements, interested parties must consult the terms of reference.

3.2 How many projects will be chosen?

Fifteen research projects will be chosen, including 5 MA graduation projects, 4 doctoral theses, and 6 research projects designed by national or foreign research groups. Any of these categories may be declared void if the proposals do not comply by the quality standards established by Fundación WWB Colombia.

3.3 Can an applicant present more than one research project individually or as part of an institution?

Only one project per person will be considered. Our goal is to support as many individuals as possible in their development of projects of excellence.


Aspects to be taken into account
by the researchers

4.1 If the researcher does not live in Valle del Cauca, can s/he still participate?

Yes, s/he can; however, the research project fieldwork has to be undertaken in Valle del Cauca or Cauca. If the work is one of comparative research, one of the locations compared must be Valle del Cauca or Cauca.

4.2 What happens if the researcher asks for the funding period to be extended?

Such an extension can only be approved in cases in which can the researcher(s) can satisfactorily prove to Fundación WWB Colombia that the period of execution was insufficient.

The period of extension will have a maximum duration of six (6) months as from the end of the original project execution period.

4.3 What will happen with the projects’ intellectual property?

The intellectual property rights on the results of the funded phase of the research project, i.e., the preliminary results of the fieldwork presented by the end of the of the funding period (“Project Completion Report”), will be distributed in equal parts between the Fund’s beneficiaries and Fundación WWB Colombia. The information gathered during the fieldwork period will remain the property of the beneficiaries, as will the moral rights on the research results. Fundación WWB Colombia may authorize the transfer, trade and exploitation of the intellectual property rights to the beneficiary, by its own initiative or by written request of the latter. Without prejudice to the foregoing, Fundación WWB Colombia reserves its right to first choice in acquiring the totality of the property rights on the production funded through this call; i.e., the “Project Completion Report,” within the year following the end of the fieldwork which has been funded.