What is
the fund?

It is a means through which Fundación WWB Colombia can promote research to identify the challenges and opportunities for women entrepreneurs in Colombia. Each call or series of calls will be related to a particular field of research; this second call focuses on the “Contexts and Opportunities for Women’s Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas.”

Who does it target?

It targets Colombian and foreign MA and PhD students with approved graduation research projects and Colombian and foreign research groups interested in developing projects for research, social innovation and technological development in the field established for each call and that includes Cauca and/or Valle del Cauca as possible fieldwork sites.

Where does it apply?

The requirement for the study site/field focuses on the departments of Cauca and Valle del Cauca.

Applications are open to Colombian and foreign researchers, who will undertake their project fieldwork in the departments of Cauca or Valle del Cauca.

For research groups comparative projects are accepted as long as they include Cauca or Valle del Cauca as study sites (from a comparative perspective, it is possible to include other areas within Colombia and outside it that are not Cauca and Valle del Cauca).

About Fundación WWB Colombia

We are a Foundation supporting women entrepreneurs for over 30 years, positioning ourselves as the leading micro-finance institution in the country. In 2011 Banco WWB S.A. was created to continue Fundacion’s social focus, working on projects towards women’s recognition and accomplishments through training, leadership and empowerment, intended to improve their quality of life and that of ther families.

It currently promotes its services through our programme Yarú, to the benefit of the community, with which it has worked for years, especially with women leaders, entrepreneurs and heads of the household.

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